Metal Forming

AMF is pleased to offer an array of technology that guarantees high performance and process efficiency. The Salvagnini P2XE panel bender is a highly flexible, productive and automatic system.  We have press brakes ranging in capacity from 60 tons to 230 tons, quick turnaround time is achieved through reduced set-up times and the ability to produce smaller quantity runs.

Forming Capabilities

Equipment List(1) Cincinnati 60 Proform
(2) Cincinnati 230 Autoform
(1) Cincinnati 90 Maxform
(1) Cincinnati 60 CB II
(2) Cincinnati 135 Autoform
(1) Cincinnati 175 Autoform
(1) Salvagnini P2XE Panel Bender
Max Bed Length14FT
Max Capacity230 Tons
Max Material Thickness1/2″ or greater (length dependent)
Max Stroke Length16″