American Metal Fab: Achieving Precision Edge Quality in Laser Cutting

Shares insights into achieving the perfect edge on laser-cut parts in their enlightening article, “How one fabricator obtains the perfect edge on a laser cut.” With a focus on precision plate fabrication and expertise in high-powered fiber laser cutting, the company demonstrates their commitment to excellence in edge quality.

Key Insights:

Perfect Edges: showcases flawless cut edges achieved through decades of experience and collaboration with laser cutting machine makers, assist gas vendors, and material suppliers. These edges require no deburring or leveling, with an edge taper of less than 0.005 inches.

Material Selection: Emphasizes the importance of starting with the right material, favoring harder materials like A572 Grade 50 over A36. High-carbon-content A36 can lead to issues such as hard, burned dross, whereas Grade 50 offers superior performance and smoother edges.

Consistency is Key: Consistent chemical makeup, including carbon content, yield strength, and tensile strength, is crucial for optimal performance during cutting, forming, and welding. Works closely with material suppliers to ensure material consistency and quality.

Surface Condition and Flatness: Material surface condition and flatness are critical factors for successful laser cutting. Utilizes stretcher-leveling to ensure material grains are balanced and plates remain perfectly flat, resulting in consistent standoff and minimal post-process leveling requirements.

Dedication to precision plate fabrication and laser cutting excellence sets them apart in the industry, delivering superior edge quality and performance to their customers.

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