American Metal Fab: Crafting Efficiency – Perspectives on Holemaking in Metal Plates

In the article “Industry Insights to Efficient Holemaking in Metal Plate: Laser, Plasma, or Drilling” from The Fabricator, a company takes the spotlight, providing valuable perspectives on the diverse methods of holemaking in structural metal. As the adage goes, there’s more than one way to achieve a goal, and fabricators have a plethora of options, including ironworkers, drilling machines, stamping presses, and plasma, laser, and waterjet cutters.

The company, represented alongside SCW Contracting Corp., H&H Metals, and Ultratech Tool and Design, shares its go-to approaches for holemaking. The article delves into the unique considerations, thought processes, and reasons why each method is deemed the most efficient for specific applications.

Steven Scrape, Operations Manager at SCW Contracting Corp., highlights the efficiencies of their Voortman V310 automated 8- by 20-ft. drilling and plasma cutting machine, referred to as their “workhorse.” The capability to run the drill unattended contributes significantly to its efficiency, showcasing the innovative solutions employed by the company.

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