American Metal Fab Explores the Advantages of Avoiding Deburring in Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

According to The Fabricator’s blog post titled “Tech Topic: Avoid Deburring When Laser Cutting Sheet Metal,” precision metal fabrication has reached new heights with laser cutting technology. While the industry marvels at the speed of modern laser systems, the real focus is on the quality of the cut edges.

Deburring has long been a challenge for blanking and bending processes. Despite implementing automation for stacking and bending, many fabricators still rely on manual sorting and feeding of blanks that require deburring. In some cases, laser operators are tasked with determining which blanks need deburring based on the edge quality and job specifications.

By avoiding the need for deburring, fabricators can streamline their production process and increase efficiency. With advancements in laser cutting technology, the emphasis is shifting towards achieving clean and precise edges right from the start.

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