American Metal Fab: Mastering BIW Design – Insights and Tips

In the article “Design Tips, Techniques for Stamping BIW” from The Fabricator, a company takes the lead in sharing invaluable design tips for achieving optimal body structure performance in sheet metal parts.Designing sheet metal parts for superior body structure performance involves addressing challenges related to stress and strain, and the company provides key insights to manage these crucial factors effectively.

 Body structure designers and engineers often grapple with the challenges posed by stress and strain in vehicle architecture. The company emphasizes the importance of employing various design best practices to mitigate potential performance problems and ensure the durability and safety of the body structures. 

The article outlines essential design best practices, including using the largest possible radius, including bending radii, to avoid stress risers, avoiding sharp corners in square holes, notches, or slots to prevent performance flaws, ensuring smooth, tangent, and gradual transitions in design sections to avoid cracks, minimizing stress riser features in the same surface plane, adding beads and darts only when required for stiffness or springback control, and strategically distributing joint and spot welds to balance tensile loads around parts. 

The company’s expertise shines through as they guide both experienced and novice automotive designers through these crucial design considerations.

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