American Metal Fab: Mastering the Art of Tube Bending – Insights

Tube bending is a specialized metal forming process crucial for permanently shaping pipes or tubing. In the realm of this intricate craft, stands as a beacon of expertise, delving into the nuances of tube bending processes that employ both form-bound and freeform-bending techniques. Whether utilizing heat-supported or cold forming procedures, the intricacies of tube bending are explored to ensure precision and excellence in the final product.

Diverse Bending Procedures:

Illuminates various bending procedures, including form-bound techniques such as “press bending” and “rotary draw bending.” These methods intricately shape the workpiece into the form of a die, allowing for the creation of complex shapes from ductile metal tubing. Additionally, freeform-bending processes like three-roll-pushbending are explored, highlighting the kinematic shaping of the workpiece independent of tool geometry.

Material Considerations:

While round stock is a common choice in tube bending, emphasizes the versatility of the process by also accommodating square and rectangular tubes and pipes. Factors such as wall thickness, tooling, lubricants, and the intended use of the tube play pivotal roles in optimizing the bending process.

Pioneering Innovation:

The article traces the evolution of tube bending technology, acknowledging the groundbreaking contributions in 1995. The development of the first three ‘all-electric’ tube bending machines marked a significant milestone, with the initial machine still in production since its debut in 1996.

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