American Metal Fab: Precision Engineering with Tube Bending 

Tube bending, a crucial fabrication process for industries, involves the permanent bending of tubes to meet specific functional requirements. In various applications across industries, bent tubes play an integral role, serving as key component parts in instruments, stair railings, automotive components, furniture frames, handles, and even in air conditioning equipment.

American Metal Fab recognizes the diverse applications of tube bending and its vital role in crafting functional components. The tube bending process involves fixing the tube at two points and utilizing a rotating press, roller, or die to enforce the bending action. The process is influenced by several parameters, including the tube material, tooling, required bending geometry, applied pressure, and lubrication.

Understanding the intricacies of tube bending, the company acknowledges the physical changes tubes undergo based on the bending technique used. The outer side experiences elongation and wall thinning due to tensile forces, while the inner side encounters compressive forces leading to wrinkling and wall thickening.

American Metal Fab’s expertise lies in mastering the art of tube bending, employing precision engineering techniques to ensure the optimal bending process, meeting industry-specific standards and functional requirements across diverse applications.

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