Benefits of Industrial Laser Cutting You Should Know

When you need to cut metal into specific shapes or sizes, you have a few options to choose from. You could use traditional metal shears, plasma cutting, or laser cutting (among others). However, we believe there’s a clear winner amongst all these options: laser cutting. Read on to discover the benefits of industrial laser cutting you should know.

Smooth Edges
If you’ve ever handled metal sliced by standard cutting shears, you know to expect jagged edges thanks to the metal cutting process. However, the laser cutting process is such that the material melts instead of getting torn in two, as with shears. This simple change to cutting makes it so that the final product has smooth edges—much easier for handling and transportation.

Super Precise
Industrial manufacturing is all about precision. After all, the goal is to produce identical piece after identical piece. Laser cutting makes this easy, even with ultra-specific cuts. Depending on the laser cutting machine, you can get dimensional accuracy up to 0.0005 inches! To put that number in perspective, it would take 119 0.0005-inch-thick objects to match the thickness of a single penny.

High Repeatability
Some cutting methods require you to change out tools between cuts. With laser cutting, you don’t need to worry about this. That means that laser cutting machines can slice metal to your specifications and then slice another piece without missing a beat.

Quick Cuts
When you use plasma and flame cutting, you are sacrificing the precision of laser cutting methods and speed when cutting metals up to 10 mm thick. If you’ve ever seen a laser cutter at work, you know they move very quickly.

Now that you have the benefits of industrial laser cutting you should know, consider looking into this service for your materials! You won’t find a quicker, more precise cutting process out there.

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