What Is Laser Cutting and How Does It Work?

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut or drill material. The process can be used to cut various materials, including metal, wood, plastics, and textiles. Laser cutting is helpful in manufacturing applications where a high degree of accuracy is required. For example, it can create intricate patterns or shapes in metal parts that would be difficult to produce using traditional methods. So, how does laser cutting work?

Applications of Laser Cutting
In the modern world, laser cutters are an extremely useful technology. Here are eight examples of industries where laser cutting can be used:

Automotive manufacturing: It helps create car parts and components with high precision.
Aerospace manufacturing: Often used to create aircraft parts due to their accuracy and efficiency.
Medical devices: Frequently used in the medical field for devices such as pacemakers and stents.
Electronics manufacturing: Laser cutters create circuit boards and other electronic components.
Food processing: These machines are increasingly used in the food industry for tasks such as slicing and dicing.
Textile manufacturing: Often used to create patterns and shapes in the fabric.
Glass cutting: It can be used to create intricate designs in glass.
Woodworking: You can use laser cutters to create detailed patterns and shapes in wood.
The Main Categories of Lasers
Here are the three of the most popular types of lasers used in various industries today:

1. CO₂ Lasers
C0₂ lasers utilize carbon dioxide and, to some extent, nitrogen to improve the effectiveness of light lasers. These lasers use a tube with gas inside where high electricity exerts pressure on the gas particles, producing a beam of high-power infrared light (laser beam).

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