Metal Fab Capabilities

American Metal Fab works to generate quality fabrication for many industries. Serving markets for over 40 years we know the expectations of custom design and standard solutions registered in ISO 9001:2015 specifications.

We can offer money saving manufacturing solutions, and going the extra mile to exceed expectations. Our wide range fabrication competences are most expressed in our laser technology, high quality robotic welding operations, and our panel bender. In addition to a secure fabrication system, AMF has experienced staff that can assist you with design issues to facilitate manufacturing efficiencies.

Punching Capabilities

Material Types: Copper
Stainless Steel
Equipment List:(1) Murata Motorum 2548
(1) Murata Vectrum 3046
(2) Murata Vectrum 3056
Punching Capacity: 33 tons
Maximum Sheet Thickness: .250″
Maximum Sheet Size with Repositioning (Y & X):60″ x 144″
Hit Rate
Punching 0.984″ Pitch: 400 hits per minute
Punching 0.039″ Pitch: 1000 hits per minute
Auto Index Stations: 2″

Stamping Capabilities

Equipment List:(1) Cincinnati 110 OBS Press
(1) Cincinnati 175 OBS Press
(4) Cincinnati 250 OBS Press
Max Capacity:250 Tons
Max Stroke:12″
Max Bed Size:48″ x 60″
Max RAM:38″ x 30″
Max Speed:460 IPM

Forming Capabilities

Equipment List:(1) Cincinnati 60 Proform
(2) Cincinnati 230 Autoform
(1) Cincinnati 90 Maxform
(1) Cincinnati 60 CB II
(2) Cincinnati 135 Autoform
(1) Cincinnati 175 Autoform
(1) Salvagnini P2XE Panel Bender
Max Die Surface:96″
Max Capacity:230 Tons
Max Material Thickness:1/2″
Max Stroke Length:10″

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Equipment List:(1) Cincinnati CL920
(1) Cincinnati CL940
(1) Cincinnati CL960
(1) Salvagnini L5-30
(1) Murata L71
Max Thickness.5″
Max Width:60″
Max Length:120″
Speed:12,000 IPM

Insertion Capabilities

Equipment List:(2) 824 Haeger Presses
Force Range:Up to 16,000 lbs
Throat depth:24″
Stroke length:.0-8.5″
Automatic feeders:Four Modular Autofeed System units

Tube Bending Capabilities

Equipment List:BLM Group Elect-52 all electric CNC Tube Bender
Bending Capability:Up to ∅ 52 mm (2.0”)
Loading:Manually or Automatic
System Management:VGP3D Programming Software
Various Torque Levels:Up to 60,000 N.