Metal Punching

American Metal Fab is an experienced provider of sheet metal punching services to a variety of markets. We are highly skilled in working with a variety of materials including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to work efficiently and quickly, minimizing waste and saving our customers time and money.

Punching Capabilities

Material Types: Copper
Stainless Steel
Punching Capacity: 33 tons
Equipment List: (1) Murata Motorum 2548
(1) Murata Vectrum 3046
(2) Murata Vectrum 3056
Maximum Sheet Thickness: .250″
Maximum Sheet Size with Repositioning (Y & X):60″ x 144″
Hit Rate
Punching 0.984″ Pitch: 400 hits per minute
Punching 0.039″ Pitch: 1000 hits per minute
Auto Index Stations: 2″